Monday, 29 September 2014

You've Missed A Few..

What a GORGEOUS day in Notting Hill!

I can't quite make my mind up on whether I'm glad of these few extended summery days, or not. Because truthfully, I'm pining for the day that I can vacuum pack my summer wardrobe and stuff it under the bed until next year! The thought of thick snoods and fluffy jumpers makes me so excited! But for now I guess you just gotta roll with it.

Today's look is back to monochrome. And in an attempt to make it look a little less school uniform-y.. (Is it just me who feels like I'm dressed for sixth form when I wear a white shirt??) I tried out this style trick, it's one we've all seen from last season. But to stop it from being too full on, because I know all to well I don't have the abs to pull it off properly.. I've teamed the shirt with a high waist pair of black skinnies. Minimal stomach exposure.

Although I did have to ask myself a few times throughout the day; "Do I look like I've just miss a few buttons getting dressed this morning?" I kinda like the effect of not fully buttoning up. And on a hot day like today that added breeze is never a bad thing ;)

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