Monday, 29 September 2014

You've Missed A Few..

What a GORGEOUS day in Notting Hill!

I can't quite make my mind up on whether I'm glad of these few extended summery days, or not. Because truthfully, I'm pining for the day that I can vacuum pack my summer wardrobe and stuff it under the bed until next year! The thought of thick snoods and fluffy jumpers makes me so excited! But for now I guess you just gotta roll with it.

Today's look is back to monochrome. And in an attempt to make it look a little less school uniform-y.. (Is it just me who feels like I'm dressed for sixth form when I wear a white shirt??) I tried out this style trick, it's one we've all seen from last season. But to stop it from being too full on, because I know all to well I don't have the abs to pull it off properly.. I've teamed the shirt with a high waist pair of black skinnies. Minimal stomach exposure.

Although I did have to ask myself a few times throughout the day; "Do I look like I've just miss a few buttons getting dressed this morning?" I kinda like the effect of not fully buttoning up. And on a hot day like today that added breeze is never a bad thing ;)

Monday, 15 September 2014

Whistles Ready To Wear '15

The greatest Ready To Wear Collection by Whistles yet! You could literally walk out of the house head to toe in every one of these outfits.
Whistles you have hit the nail right on the head this season! 

Here's my favourite looks..

Badgley Mischka

Friday, 5 September 2014

An Orient Express Adventure!

So a few weeks back, my mum and I took a special trip to Edinburgh.
It's always been a dream of my mums to go on the Orient Express at some point in her life, and as this year marked her 50th birthday.. I thought it the perfect opportunity to get that checked off her list.

I didn't quite realise how spectacular this train journey would be, but literally from the VERY beginning, until the moment we stepped off the train at our home station, we felt like Princesses!

The dress code was simple. Dress to impress. But knowing there was going to be a full day of exploring Edinburgh on foot, finding a happy medium with an outfit can be a little tricky.
I decided extremely last minute on this ensemble. But I'm happy with the choice!
The weather certainly was on our side, giving the perfect opportunity to wear this beautiful dress!

Dress - Zara
Necklace - Dorothy Perkins
Bag - Ted Baker

I HAVE to recommend this experience to EVERYONE! It's one of the greatest days we've had! If ONLY I could so it once a month...