Friday, 27 June 2014

Basic Staples

When Summer rolls around, so do the "New Trends"
New Trends are always fun, but sometimes I feel like they're over rated, and in 3 weeks time these pieces you've bought into will be pushed to the back of the wardrobe.
That's my worst nightmare, but it does happen. And every once in a while it's not a big deal.. As long as you invest in your Basic Staples!
These are going to be your saving graces when you're in those in-between stages..

There's a whole list of "Staples" that every girl should have in her life, but these few are some of my favourites. 
- A White Shirt.
- A Pair Of Blue Skinny Jeans.
- Tan Heels.
- And A Bag to fit all of your essentials. 
Although it might sound simple, having these pieces will transform your wardrobe, and will ALWAYS enable you on those "I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!" Days.. 

White Shirt - Topshop
Heels - Office
Bag - New Look
Layered Necklace - Topshop SALE
Watch - Micheal Kors

What are your favourite Basic Staples?

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Hollie & Abe Take Paris - Part 2

Good morning! With Part 1 of Hollie And Abe a Take Paris going down so well, I decided to throw part 2 your way today.

So our trip latest 5 days, and even with that much time to explore, we still managed to not be able to fit a few things I that we'd previously planned.
Day 1 and 2 consisted of mainly stuffing our faces with every macaron we came across.. Getting our bearings with the metro system (it's SUPER easy to get around the city!) and finding our feet with speaking French.

Then it got really exciting for the rest of our time! The clouds parted and we were treated to the perfect Parisian weather. What I call scarf & sunglasses weather..
It made our first official trip to the Eiffel Tower together PERFECT!

Of course an impromptu photo-shoot was needed!

Then it was onto the most beautiful Laduree you have ever seen for Afternoon Tea. If you're after a mid day treat to remember the Champs Elysées Laduree is a MUST!
An infamous Hot Chocolate, mix of Macarons and a Signature Cup of Tea later we were refreshed enough to hike up to The Louve.

Although the metro makes getting from one side of Paris to another ridiculously easy, taking the time to walk to each landmark on foot is also something you must do. Each little part of Paris has a character not to be missed! Plus, the countless food stalls along the way make the long distance walking a LOT easier!

And for our last night we went back to the Eiffel Tower via The Moulin Rouge (another nighttime must see) to take her in, in all of her glittering glory.
Seeing her sparkle really leaves a flutter in your heart.. Something you will never forget.

Paris you have our hearts.. Until next time x

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Hollie & Abe Take Paris - Part 1

I'm having a bit of a Throwback today, I know it's Tuesday and not Thursday but they both start with a T so who cares right? 
And I thought it might be a nice idea to put together a post about my most recent trip to Paris.
Before we took off on our trip, I read tonnes of Blog Posts and watched countless Vlogs on YouTube to get me super excited! So although our trip consisted of pretty much the "typical" Paris sightseeing things, I thought it'd be nice to compile all our photos together and show you guys.

You never know, it might give you a few ideas yourself, if your planning a Parisian getaway anytime soon! 
(I'm going to split the post into two parts just to keep them from being too photo heavy) Here's Part 1.. ENJOY!

It may sound obvious, but a trip to Notre Dame is essential if you're in Paris. Whether you're religious or not, the building itself is a sight for sore eyes. And if you're like me, taking a walk around in inside can give you a feeling like nothing else.. And of course lighting candles for those special people in our hearts is always a comforting feeling to leave the stunning cathedral with! 
Notre Dame will forever hold a special place on my heart.

And just a stones throw from the Cathedral itself is the infamous Lovers Bridge. It was always our intention to "lock our love" in Paris. For years I've dreamed about doing it, and this bridge does not disappoint. The millions of people that have traveled to this mini landmark is outstanding, and just the sight of the bridge fills you with such a warm fuzzy feeling, so many couples, families, and friends have symbolised their love for each other here. It is a beautiful thing to see. 
And the French accordion player really added to the atmosphere, it was amazing!

Monday, 23 June 2014

Fashion Focus.. Nail Art!

Hello you gorgeous lot!
What. A . Beautiful. Day. It. Is. Today!! I cannot BELIEVE this heat! AND?! IM OFF WORK!!

I'm enjoying today extremely much! And how am I spending it I hear you ask? Wŵell.. Not exactly how I wish to be (everybody else is in work so I'm all on my lonesome) BUT I'm taking advantage. I have my favourite music playing.. An ice cold drink, and I'm playing around with a tonne of nail polish colours. 

Summertime is the perfect time to experiment with nail art, bright colours, glitter, stripes, polka dots.. Anything and everything goes,

"A Lady Is Never Fully Dressed Without Her Nails Done" 

Friday, 20 June 2014

Back To Black

When the sun comes out, I see a tonne of people throwing together EVERY colour under the sun, into one outfit to try and encapsulate "Summer"
But for me, black can work in so many ways throughout the hot months! Colour isn't always nesseccary..


Today I'm teaming a see-through crop top, with a simple pencil skirt, classic nude heels & no accessories.


I think this is a great outfit for day-to-night, and it shows just the right amount of skin for here in
England (I'll forever be frustrated seeing girls walking around town, dressed for Ibiza) switch the heels for sandals for a day of shopping.. Then go for a bold red lip and killer heels for a night out!

Sheer Crop Top - Internacional
Skirt - RiverIsland
Heels- Zara
Watch - Micheal Kors

Will you be rocking all black everything this Summer?