Saturday, 21 December 2013


Hi everyone! I can't believe how busy I am right now! It's run up to Christmas sure has been a hectic one, I feel like I'm spending all my time in work, so it's just a quick one today.

I am still trying feel as Christmassy as possible wherever I can though..
This T-shirt made me smile when I saw it in River Island, it's something a bit different if you're not up for running around in a novelty jumper. I can see myself definitely wearing this more than the one time I'll be wearing my embarrassing jumper (just so Mum can get a snap of the whole family looking as daft as possible) this year.


T-shirt - River Island (Sold out online but similar Here and Here)


Friday, 20 December 2013

Pop Yo' Collar

I love this jumper dress I picked up recently from Primark! Simple and classic with its contrasting collar..
I'll be wearing this for after work Christmas cocktails for sure!

Dress - Primark
Boots - Office 
Necklace - Boutique in America

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Christmas Gift Guide - Mrs Claus After Dark

GHi lovelies! We're less than a week away from Christmas (O.M.G!) and with almost all of the important Christmas shopping out of the way, this last week really is about those last minute little bits too add to your gifts. 
Every year at Christmas, I like to make an extra special effort for my man.. Without getting into the details, here's a little gift guide to maybe give to some inspiration on becoming Mrs Claus this year! 

If Agent Provocateur & Victoria Secret are a little out of your budget, then why not have a look in the likes of New Look, Boux Avenue or even Primark, they all have equally gorgeous sets this time of year. 

After all, it's not always about the lingerie itself, it's how it makes you feel and how you rock it!

Saturday, 14 December 2013

Christmas Jumper Day..

So yesterday was the official Christmas Jumper day! And of course that meant we all had to wear our best one for work..
I'm not a fan of the super naff jumpers that are everywhere right now, so I went for this cute reindeer one from Asda!

Did any of you throw on your Christmas Jumpers yesterday?

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Christmas Gift Guide - Treating Mum

Hi everyone! How Christmassy are you feeling right now?! We're nearly there aren't we!! YAY!
Okay, excitement aside, here's part 3 of my Christmas Gift Guide..

Shopping for mums at Christmas is always fun, and I think it's the best time of year to really show how much all that they do is appreciated, and it's nice to splash out a little to make her feel truly special! These are the items that are on my shopping list for my mum this Christmas..

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Christmas Gift Guide - Let's Hear It For The Boys

Whether it's your Boyfriend, Dad, Brother or Uncle.. Christmas shopping shopping for the men in your life can be a little tricky! (Well my lot are anyway) 
So part 2 of my little Christmas Gift Guide is a few ideas to keep those pesky boys quiet on Christmas morning..

Midweek Motivation - Christmas Is Coming

Today, throw on your Christmas jumper, blast some Mariah.. & enjoy some Christmas Spirit!

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Christmas Gift Guide - River Island Necklace Edition

We're nearing that beautiful & magic day of the year again! And everyone is well and truly into the swing of gift buying.. For me this year has been pretty easy, due to the fact that there's just so many lovely little bits out on the high street! 
So even though I'm pretty much sorted on the present front, I thought it'd be a nice idea to put together a mini gift guide for any of you who are having trouble finding that little something for a special someone..

I thought I'd start the first part of the gift guide with something suited towards the cool ladies!

River Island are really on point with their jewellery & accessories this A/W and these necklaces are the perfect little gift to give this Christmas. 
And even better... They're all on sale!

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Blogging, Soley From An iPad..

Right, so I have a bit of a different post for you all today.. Something I want to vent.
Lately I have unfortunately been seeing tons of comments, on various forms of social media about blogs that "aren't worthy of viewing due to the lack of 'quality' in photos." 
So basically, if you don't have a DSLR camera, Mac & an editing programme you're not worth a look in? 
I feel I'm at a point of sheer annoyance now because its hard in the blog world to get your site seen. But it's even more annoying to me because the people making these comments, don't necessarily know or understand the reasons behind why certain people are starting their blogs in the first place. So if you don't know these things, why does it give you the right to pick and choose who has a "worth while blog" 

The thin of it really, is why are we not fully supporting each other no matter the hight of popularity our blogs receive?! I can hand on heart say that I have never not followed a blog because of its quality, or layout of any of those things. If I enjoy a persons posts then that is all that I look for.
I do understand that these factors can be important, but at the same time, who wants to follow a blog that looks amazing but has no substance? It's not all about what it looks like on the eye, and that's why this subject has gotten on my wick so much! 

I personally blog entirely through my iPad. Entirely. The photos are taken, they are edited if needed, they are uploaded, I write the post, and then go through the motions of placing each of those before mentioned photos. And then? The post is published for whoever cares to read. 
I don't blog each week with the aim to receive a bunch of followers. Don't get me wrong, those perks are great, but they're not the be all and end all of blogging. I blog because I enjoy it, and if one week I can't manage to fit as many posts as I'd like, due to working full time then that's fine by me, because I never want blogging to become a chore to me. 
I look up to those popular blogs for inspiration, so it's not fair for the rare ones to step out and say things like this when we all have so much in common.

These comments need to stop online, and people need to remember that every successful blogger was once a beginners just like us. The majority of the blogging world are absolute beauts, who are there to throw a compliment your way on your new post, or to chat about new trends together. They are the ones worth listening to, not the others. And if your aim is to generate a living from blogging one day then pursue it, because the only way it'll happen is if you make it happen. 
But it's okay to not have top notch equipment, because it is possible to run a blog with what you already have.

Blog because you enjoy it and just see where this online world can take you.. 

Wednesday, 4 December 2013