Thursday, 29 August 2013

An Explanation...

I have been a very, very bad blogger.. But I promise there's a reason.. Maybe not an excuse, but still it IS the reason I've been departed from you guys for such a long time.

At the beginning if this month, my work schedule stepped up a notch, and not only did I find myself working complete opposite shifts from my beloved photographer.. But whenever our schedules didn't clash, it was far too dark to even consider trying to compose an outfit shoot.
Then.. in just the last few weeks I was given a complete new job role (not quite a promotion, but still..)

I am now my OFFICE branch "Fashion Sports Specialist" 

Which technically sounds a lot more important than it actually is, but it does mean more of a work load each week, it also includes working full time hours. Which anybody who works in retail will know, isn't the conventional 9-5, 5 days a week routine. I've seen myself working up to 9 or 10 days straight without a day off.

I am enjoying this new found excitement in work, but it is taking a little getting used to in regards of having any kind of weekly routine, but I do promise I'm trying to make a conscious effort to fit blogging back into my life!
I've seriously felt like someone chopped off my right hand I've missed blogging that much!

So here's to trying a little harder.. I missed you guys!

Wish T-shirt - Pull & Bear 
Jeans - GAP
Converse - Office

And lastly.. This Saturday I'm jetting off to Florida for two weeks, so there will be one last little gap in regards to blog posts, but be ready for a full insight into my trip once I get back! My camera will be coming with me absolutely EVERYWHERE!
Until then you can keep up with what I get up to in the lovely USA, but following me on Twitter and Instagram (I'm a bit addicted to Instagram, so expect a lot of photos throughout my holiday!)

Twitter Name - HollieVan_x
Instagram - HollieVan_x

Have a beautiful day.. Speak soon!