Monday, 29 April 2013

Two Black Cats..

Wearing black in the sun, how can you?!
Yeah, yeah I know.. But let's face it, in England it's never really that warm even if the sun is beaming down! And this sleeveless Zara jumper is perfect for the season transition.

The embellished neckline adds that little something to break up from the black..
It's an overall comfortable outfit for sitting around in the sun.

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Sunday Night - Nails

Sunday nights should be focused on these things only.. Drinking lots of tea in your PJs, watching crappy TV, exfoliating, and most importantly deciding othe colour of your Monday Manicure!
I'm spoilt for choice and can't decide for my base colour (I'll probably throw some nail art on once I've decided on my colour..) 

The Barry M Gelly Collection is pure genius! I love the whole formula of these varnish's. From the way that they glide straight on, to the professional glossy finish. Plus this colour is gorgeous for the run up to summer..
I'm loving the neon trend right now, but in an understated way.. with bright nails and accessories. I don't think I've found a varnish brighter than this just yet, and I love it!
You can never go wrong with nude nails. Is a classic look that goes with absolutely every outfit. This Nude colour is my favourite, it doesn't have that peachy tinge most nude colours tend to have. It's the prefect match for my skin tone..
I love this orange colour. It pops more than any of the other orange/coral colours in my collection, and it really sets off a simple outfit..
I'm still not completely in love with this textured pink colour. I think it's a little too washed out for my liking. But I'm thinking if I actually wear I for more than an hour it might just grow on me..

So there's my choices, what one am I going for this week then lovelies?

Orange - H&M 
Pink - Barry M Textured Collection
Nude - H&M 
Green - Next
Lilac - Barry M Gelly Collection

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

This Or That?

- Foundation or BB Cream? If you were to have asked me this two weeks ago, I'd have laughed at the thought of me ever loving a BB cream.. The classic "not enough coverage" spiel, but since then I've completely changed my opinion, and have to say BB cream wins for me right now!
- Blusher or Bronzer? Pressed Bronzer powder, with a highlighting cream blusher is my perfect mix.
- Lipgloss or Lipstick? Lipstick all the way!
- Mascara or Eye Liner? Mascara is a girl's magic wand, eyeliner just doesn't compare..
- Eye Shadow or Natural? I've never been a real big fan of eye shadow, so natural for me.

- Heels or Flats? I wish I was one of those girls who could do the daytime heels, but sadly I'm not a 24/7 heel wearer. Doesn't stop me loving them though, so it's a tie.
- Jeans or Skirts? Jeans Jeans Jeans!
- Print or Plain? Right now for Spring, Prints most definitely!
- Jacket or Hoody? I wear my leather jacket with almost everything! That much that I ink it may be time for a new one.. Hoodies are for the nights cuddled up on the couch, not out in public (unless its to go the gym that is)
- Style or Comfort? Yes comfort is important, but style tends to top ever so slightly for me..

Fruit or Veg? Fruit..
Tea or Coffee? Coffee for the mornings, and a good'ol cuppa tea for the little pick me ups throughout the day.
Sweets or Chocolate? Chocolatè
Burgers or Hotdog? Gimme a burger any day..

- Starter or Desert? It literally depends on what I fancy at the time, but I do love them both!
- Horror or Comedy? I like to think I can handle horror films, but I'm a big pansy.. Comedies are a lot easier to sleep after :)
- Amazon or eBay? eBay is full of amazing finds, I'm an eBay-oholic!
- Paris or New York? Oui Pari!
- Rain or Shine? There's nothing better than a blue sky full of sunshine :)

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Brownies With A Twist!

Well it's been a bloody horrible day today hasn't it. It's done nothing but rain & blow a gale. Not my idea of a Suday in APRIL at all!
So coming home from work like a cat dragged in from the rain, all I wanted was something warm, chocolaty and full of yumminess. (And possibly a towel..)

And after seeing this post from the lovely Emma over at MilkTeef, there was nothing else that could possibly fill that gap!
It's an extremely easy bake, but it does leave you feeling just as cool as Mr Oliver when you take a bite into all of its loveliness after barely any work.

So here's my twist on the extremely yummy, scrummy Slutty Brownies..

This is literally ALL you will need to make your batch of brownies.. (And a little patience.. Patience I most certainly didn't have waiting for mine to cook!) as you can see I'm using Kinder chocolate rather than Oreos. But you can put whatever chocolate you fancy in the middle, it's completely up to you! 
 So to begin, preheat your oven at gas mark 4.. Then lightly oil your choice of tray, and line with grease proof paper. 

Right! Now the for the fun bits! So to start you want to make your cookie base. Just simply follow the instructions on the back of your packet mix.
Once you're all mixed together, smooth the mix onto the baking tray (see how far you get without eating any of it!)
Next, place your choice of chocolate filling evenly, on top of the cookie base..
Now onto the brownie! Again, just follow the instructions on your packet mix ..
 And simply cover the bottom layer of cookie dough..
Once you've covered the cookie dough base, put your brownie in the oven from 20-30 minutes. Depending on how thick you make yours the timings may differ slightly.
Once the brownie has a crisp top, and soft (but cooked through centre) take it out of the oven. Now just tear yourself away for just a little bit, while it cools ever so slightly..
Cut into servings, and finally, but most importantly, pour on a huge dollop of cream, get yourself a cold glass of milk, and enjoy the warm, gooey, chocolaty slice of heaven you just created!

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Trip to The Beach

So tonight me, my boyfriend, his brother, & his girlfriend took a trip to the beach. It's lovely that you can go out at 6/7 and the sun will still be out, so we tried to make the most of it.
We got there to see the tide was waaayy out, so instead of a little paddle, we just took a stroll.

Apologies for the not so great quality photos.. But seeing as the last time us four took a trip to the beach, I lasted no more than 3 minutes before ending up flat on my face, in a pool of wet sand.. (With a broken phone) I thought better than to take anything I couldn't bear to damage. 

Crosby beach can be so beautiful if you catch it at the right time, we were a little early for a sunset but there's always next time..

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Spring Is Here!!

I woke up extremely happy this morning! The sun literally burst through my window, making me jump up with joy, get dressed and begin a day of basking.
This partly sheer black T and my comfiest skinny jeans were the perfect combo for a chilled day with great company and a food few glasses of wine.

Spring, never leave us! 

T-Shirt - Red Herring at Debenhams
Jeans - Leigh at Topshop
Necklace - Primark
Converse - Office

How'd you spend this lovely sunny day?

Monday, 15 April 2013


Hi there you gorgeous lot! 
So I have been after a pair of smart/casual pants for FOREVER! But with it being hard enough to find jeans that I can fit my bum into, finding my ideal pair of trousers has not been an easy task let me tell you! I'm not even entirely sure why this is, but from traipsing through changing rooms left, right and center, I was beginning to think I was never going to find MY pair.

Until that is, a quick trip (I was just cutting through at first I swear!) to Zara. I saw these satin sheened print trousers, and thought I'd give the trouser mission one, last, go. And thank The Lord I did!
They're loose fitting around that unspeakable thigh area (a big thumbs up for most girlies) and elasticated around the waist. All in all they fit perfectly and I ran to the check out with a Cheshire Cat  grin on my face!
And of course because its me, they didn't trash the tills alone.. This lightweight silk sided jumper was the perfect accompaniment.

I wore them out this weekend to celebrate my Grandad's 70th birthday. We ate like kings, which brings me to my final point about how amazing these pants are! You know that reaallly uncomfortable feeling of fullness you get after eating a big meal in jeans? Yeah, well I walked out of the restaurant in complete comfort.. The biggest of thumbs up from me! 


They also sell these pants in a classic, blue & white toile print. Which I think will be even more perfect for summer. But I have to be a good little shopper and hide my card! Lets see how long I last..

Sunday, 7 April 2013

King'o The Jungle

As you've probably seen in a few previous posts of mine.. My beloved OASAP order has arrived! And I couldn't wait to throw it on!

I love how it has the basic style of the infamous Givenchy bulldog T, elements of Christopher Kane, and with lions being my favourite animal of all, it really is the perfect T for me. Plus, it's a longline cut, making it great to wear with jeans, or to style as a dress with just a pair of tights!

Have you checked out OASAP yet? With free shipping, and new items added every few days.. You should get yourself over there now. They're brilliant!

Thursday, 4 April 2013

The Necklace Edition

My necklace collections seems to be growing rapidly, so I thought I'd do a little post on my favourites at the moment. 
I'm really into dressing basic t shirts up, with a statement necklace lately. I think it's a great look that can easily take you from day to night. Just throw on your favourite heels and you're good to go!

I'm forever frustrated with tangled necklace chains, so finding appropriate storage for your necklaces is a must! These cute butterfly hooks are perfect for me. It keeps them separate, but I like to have my jewellery out where I can see it too, (that way I don't forget what I actually have) so they're perfect for me. 
I keep my smaller jewellery together in a number if jewellery boxes, and have the pieces I wear day to day out on my hooks.

Here's my top 5 favourites, I'm wearing a lot recently..

Dorothy Perkins - £16

Evans - £8

Primark - £4

New Look - £8

Primark - £3

There are some great sales on right now, the perfect place to stock up on some new necklaces for Spring!