Saturday, 5 September 2015

All Tied Up

 I am literally obsessed with wearing this outfit! I know I'm in all black AGAIN. But while we still have a little bit of warm weather knocking around.. I'm getting the most out of this sleeveless waistcoat. I love how multi-functional it can be. And anything you can really synch in at the waist is always going to be a winner for me!
It's such a classic staple, and I know this is a piece I'll have for life.

Top - River Island
Jeans - Joni at Topshop
Sleeveless Waistcoat - Topshop
Shoes - Office
Necklace - New York Boutique


Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Who's That Girl?

Remember me? Don't worry, I don't blame you if you don't. it's fair to say it's been a while..

There's been a shed load of reasons for why I've been away, but I'm ready to focus on bringing Hollie Does Fashion back! But this time I'm turning the pressure off.. I've realised it's okay to not be able to post 3-4 times a week.
To be fair, that one of the main reasons I took a break, each post I was writing  just felt like I was doing them for the sake of it, not because I was actually enjoying it! Which is NEVER a good basis for anything, big or small!
That was the entire point of me starting this little blog. It was something I enjoyed so much, and was almost a little escape for me.

So here I am, I got back in front of the camera. I feel a little rusty, but we're back on. I hope to be seeing more of you lovely lot soon!

Coat - Zara (SOLD OUT)
Jumper - GAP
Boots - Office Sale - Black Option HERE
Necklace - London Market

Monday, 3 November 2014

Autumn? CHECK!

The wether has FINALLY taken that beautifully crisp turn and I am LOVING it!
Buttoned up coats and thick-knit snoods.. EEEK!

This checked jumper is a new addition to my wardrobe and I know it's going to do me perfectly right the way through this season.
One of my favourite prints for Autumn is checks, but I love the understated take on this jumper.

Jumper - Warehouse
Jeans - Joni at Topshop
Coat - Pull & Bear
Boots - Office


Friday, 10 October 2014


I've been a naughty girl. A very naughty little shopper! 
What started as an innocent walk through Reiss, turned into a major card damaging trip out of Reiss.

As hard as I tried to put on my blinkers, this beautiful leather jacket shone through!! And I could not resist! I've been driving myself MAD trying to find the perfect leather jacket for the past few months, and just when I'd given up hope.. This came along! 

It's the most luxurious piece I've ever had the pleasure of putting in my wardrobe. The leather is beautifully soft, and the stunning burgundy quilted lining is just the cherry on top!
There's nothing I could fault or want to change, I have found the one. And I'm madly in love.

And yes, it is a steep purchase. But you know what.. If you work hard, treat hard! It doesn't happen very often with me, and I'm happy as hell that I have such a classic, yet statement piece I can rock for years to come! I love it!!!

Leather Jacket - REISS
Scolloped Top - Topshop
Jeans - Joni at Topshop 
Boots - Office
Bag - Michael Kors

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Somerset House

As Paris Fashion Week drew to a beautiful close yesterday, in turn so did the amazing month of fashion shows.. And so today's post is a bit of a flashback to my day spent at London Fashion Week. 
And although it was a bit of a flying visit (partly due to a jam packed schedule, and even more so; due to the fact that I spilled coffee right down the front of my white T, 2 minutes after taking these photos!!) it really was a day full of inspiration!

Somerset house is a visit so worth whole making whatever time of the year, but at fashion week especially it's a must! Even if you don't manage to get any tickets for the shows, it's the perfect spot to soak up some of the best street style, and you never know, spot a few fellow blogger friends!

I decided to go for a pretty basic look. White V Neck, trusty black skinnies, and simple black heels.
But with these cute ear cuffs. I love the look of loads of earrings in one ear!

T-Shirt - Forever 21
Jeans - Joni at Topshop 
Heels - Office
Ear Cuffs - Topshop
Sunglasses - eBay


I'm looking forward to next years LFW already! I'm going for the whole week!

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Valentin Yudashkin '15

Valentin Yudashkin is a designer that up until this season, I had honestly never heard of before..
Part of the reason I love the varied fashion weeks so much, is that you get the chance to fall in love with new designers. Whether they're new on the scene, or just new to us.

Valentin is probably one of my favourites from this PFW, this collection; Full of sheer florals.. Perfect contrasts from strong structured pieces, to elegant soft styles.. And the most beautiful line up of fresh faces, minimally made up models! 

Here are my favourite looks from the Spring 15' Ready To Wear Collection..